Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Binge On, Binge Off

Where are you likely to really be able to "Binge On" using T-Mobile's network?

T-Mobile's Binge On campaign offers customers the ability to stream certain video providers without incurring data charges. We wanted to see where customers might be likely to receive HD quality video with Binge On. Preliminary results suggest that HD quality on T-Mobile is much more likely in California's cities than anywhere else. Stay tuned for more in this area as we finalize our analysis.

More on How We Did This
Using the spring 2015 field test data, we've started to dig into video streaming quality for the four major providers. We created four categories, High Definition (HD), Standard Definition (SD), Low Definition (LD), and No Service (NS). The image above was created by designating each test location with a video quality category and then running a geo-spatial interpolation. The data were validated using a technique called "Cohen’s Kappa," which compares measured values with values predicted by the model.

The areas without color are either areas outside the provider's coverage, or are un-populated.

  • HD video (720p)  >= 2.5 Mbps downstream with >90% of measurements being > 2.5 Mbps
  • SD video (480p) >= .7 Mbps < 2.5 Mbps downstream with > 90% of measurements within that range
  • LD video (320p) < .7 Mbps
  • NS (no service) - no connection

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