Friday, August 5, 2016

Mobile's Fastest Cities: Can You Find Them On A Map?

Rootmetrics just published their Top10 list of fastest cities for mobile data, and it includes Modesto (#7) and Sacramento (#8). What they don't tell you is their top 10 list is based only on the cities they tested.

We know from our mobile field tests that the fastest cities in California are ones where LTE is present, but very few people are using it. Indeed, in our ranking of the spring 2016 field tests, major cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles are down at numbers 368 and 369 respectively.

Shown below is a city ranking, in descending order, of each carrier's combined mean upload and download speeds in kilobits per second. The City of Davis is #23 (T-Mobile). Livermore is #14 (Verizon Wireless), but the fastest "cities" are unrecognizable to most Californians.