Friday, October 30, 2015

CalSPEED Shooting for 10K

Above: actual CalSPEED test locations

By all accounts, the CPUC's crowdsourced mobile testing project, CalSPEED, is an unequivocal success. Since its launch two years ago, we have had over 9,000 tests performed. We added an auto-update feature so results are shown in the interactive map within 24 hours. We have an iPhone version of the app in beta testing right now and plan to have it available to the public in December. Moreover, because streaming video is such an important feature for mobile we will be adding a video quality metric to the scorecard.

Mobile Data presented to Assembly Select Committee on the Digital Divide in Rural California

On October 27, I presented an overview of the CPUC's broadband programs to the Assembly Select Committee on the Digital Divide in Rural California. One of the key points was the apparent discrepancy in served households between wireline and mobile after we adjust mobile speeds using mean minus two standard deviations. At the 6 mbps down / 1.5 mbps up or higher threshold, we estimate 57% of rural households and 2% of urban households are either under-served or un-served by wireline. For mobile, the number of under- and un-served jumps to 85% of rural households and 84% urban households.