Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Round 2 Testing Finished!

A big THANK YOU to all of our intrepid testers who got the job done just in time before the first snowfall this past weekend. At this point, I'm going to disappear into the numbers cave for a few weeks to see how the results compare to the first round done in May.

Testing in the Dunes

It's hot even in October.

David Heading Home via GG Bridge in SF

Finished with Round 2, David heads home across the Golden Gate Bridge

Putting It All Together

Location: 2119

AT&T Netbook: 1,377 Kb/s up, 5,027 down
AT&T Smartphone: 1,259 Kb/s up, 3,835 down
T-Mobile Netbook: 191 Kb/s up, 48 down
T-Mobile Smartphone: 209 Kb/s up, 60 down
Verizon Netbook: 786 Kb/s up, 623 down
Verizon Smartphone: 1,004 Kb/s up, 589 down
Sprint: no effective service

Monday, October 1, 2012

30% complete as of Friday

As of last Friday, Sep. 28, the testers had completed testing at 30% of the locations across the state. Great work everyone!!

And here are some more videos from the field:

1st week completed!

The testers have been sending in lots of photos and videos (a sample included here). More later on their progress.

Video of David finishing up in Humboldt County

Traffic jam outside of Paso Robles

near an Air Force Base

Mojave Desert

Napa County

Dense fog

Dead-end road near Clear Lake