Friday, December 2, 2016

Connect America Fund Layer Now Available on CA Interactive BB Map

As a follow up to my November 1 post on AT&T's plans to deploy wireless local loops as part of their obligations under Connect America Fund Phase II (see "Hello Wireless Loops. Goodbye Fiber? Part 2"), the Connect America Fund Phase II eligible areas are now loaded onto the California Interactive Broadband Map. As shown in the legend to the left, four carriers' territories are shown in light blue (AT&T), dark blue (Consolidated), gray (Frontier), and red (Verizon, now also Frontier). To view the areas, go to the map's menu on the right and expand the FCC Data menu. Check the box next to "Connect America Fund Phase II Locations."

Connect America Fund Phase II Eligible Census Blocks by Carrier

CalSPEED iPhone Ver 1.1.1 Now Available on iTunes

 We've made some improvements to CalSPEED with the iPhone version 1.1.1. Changes include:

  • Clearer indoor/outdoor slider
  • WiFi reminder screen if device is connected to WiFi
  • California and Virginia server testing segments indicated at bottom 
  • Streaming video quality indicator added to results summary
  • Results history shows video streaming and Mean Opinion Score (MOS) estimate for over the top service