Thursday, December 11, 2014

Yolo County's Draft Strategic Broadband Plan Released!

After much anticipation, Yolo County's draft plan is now available to the public.

Recommendations are made for each of the County's four cities and for the county itself. They include (see report for more specifics on each one):

  • Adopt General Plan policies that incorporate broadband as a public utility and create a policy framework to promote its deployment in public and private projects as appropriate
  • Continue to develop broadband infrastructure to reduce internal costs, expand capabilities and protect against future cost increases
  • Develop a GIS-based map that identifies each city's locations that should be interconnected including the each city’s current infrastructure
  • Install conduit with all public projects
  • Expand each city’s capability in negotiating agreements for private providers to utilize each city’s infrastructure for public benefit
  • Coordinate with other local public agencies as potential users of each city’s infrastructure
  • Coordinate with broadband providers on specific broadband infrastructure projects in communities described in the Critical Unserved and Underserved Communities in Yolo County’s Community Profile
There is also a compressed file now available for download.