Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CalSPEED goes head to head against FCC and Ookla Speed test apps

Does the CPUC's CalSPEED provide a more real world experience for mobile broadband users than speed tests conducted by Ookla, a private company, or the  FCC? We are conducting an experiment comparing the three tests to find out. What is the added value that CalSPEED brings to mobile testing? We feel our testing product is more accurate than the others and what evidence do we have for that? Our test measures a higher latency for mobile providers. The higher latency is important because it questions the readiness of mobile wireless broadband for the transition to ip and for providing VOIP. If latency measurements are shown to be low it means mobile wireless is ready. If latency measurements are shown to be high, it means mobile wireless is not ready to provide reliable broadband services.

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