Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Version 2.1 of the California Broadband Map is now being released

This is an update regarding California broadband mapping. Our new version of the Interactive Broadband Map, 2.1, is now being released at this web address: http://www.broadbandmap.ca.gov/v2.1/

Here are some of the highlighted improvements:

We have a new Public Feedback Layer which will be fed by the survey results of map users reporting service or no service.

The CalSpeed Average Downstream layer, which will be generated by citizens using our free app measuring mobile broadband speeds, which is available for android phones. Data from the app will be crowdsourced to the Broadband Map through the use of this layer.

Tired of looking at the numbers from rounds 1 and 2? Results from the third round of mobile testing will be added to the map. Those results show Verizon making some big gains.

There are no more "Getting Started" splash screens, which will mean less extraneous screens for users to click through and also no default downstream availability layers that users will have to click off when the begin playing with the map. All users will begin with a blank map and they will figure out what layers they want to show. Here is the map in action showing fixed broadband providers near Colusa, Ca.

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