Monday, December 16, 2013

Tips on Public Feedback Survey

If you haven't heard that we are collecting information from you, the public, on your broadband service (or lack thereof), visit our web site, download the form, and send it in to us. Alternatively, you can fill out the survey online with the Interactive Map after using the address lookup tool.

Link to CPUC web site to download the survey

Link to the California Interactive Broadband Map

Here are some tips when filling out the survey.

1. It helps us if you claim to not have any broadband service that you first check the Interactive Map for your address and contact the providers listed for your address. Here is an example of where this did not happen. Notice there is no "current provider" listed.

2. Here is a list of providers who claim to serve this address. If we know that the resident was denied service because it wasn't available, then we have a strong case to counter a provider's claim of availability.

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